FEDeRATED contributes to TRA Conference in Lisbon

Witin the framework of the FEDERATED project, two papers were written to contribute to the Transport Reseach Agenda (TRA) 2022 Conference in Lisbon 14-17 November 2022. 

On  14 November, Trafikverket of Sweden presented  its paper : a federative approach to digital transport ecosystem innovation . The paper stresses the importance to strengthen situation awereness and sustanability in the supply chain through LivingLabs than can be successfully executed through data sharing demonstration platforms, The paper was written in close collaboration with RISE.

During the TRA Conferenced the paper was presented by Annica Roos, FEDeRATED Activity 3 - LivingLabs leader) and Jan Bergstrad of Trafikverket. Trafikverker is running 9 FEDeRATED Living Labs, using the Deplide as its data sharing demonstration platform. Deplide is developed and hosted by RISE.

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A second paper was written by researchers from TNO  participating as advisors to the FEDeRATED project and IT Architectuer Board. The paper, called Towards a Mobility Data Space ,  elaborates on  the need to apply the concept of linked data as a stepping stone towards data sharing practices leading up to a concise Mobility Data Space framework. The importance of the linked data approach for a successful the ongoing   implementation of the FTI Regulation is a major focus area for the years to come..

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)