13th FEDeRATED Consortium Board meeting October 2022

On 18 and 19 October 2022, the FEDeRATED partners met in Brussels to discuss various issues, i.e.:

The Milestone 10 report - major stepping stone towards a future proof Masterplan  for federated data sharing  in logistics - was agreed. The report

  • Translates the FEDeRATED  Reference data Sharing Architecture into the functional requirements and the technical specifications which, in connection to the organisational requirements, constitute the basis of the upcoming FEDeRATED Masterplan: the FEDeRATED data sharing grid. (Part 1 of Milestone 10)

FEDeRATED data sharing grid

The partners also discussed the prospect of:

  • Extending the FEDeRATED after 2023  - implementing the current data sharing business cases, developing  new business cases, inviting new partners, and constituting a knowledge base assisting the EU DTLF executing its upcoming mandate;
  • Continuation of a focus towards interoperability (especially LivingLab collaboration - common LivingLabs); and 
  • Actively promote the FEDeRATED results and insights. Concepts as data at source, harmonized semantic interoperability, and the connection of the implementation of the eFTI Regulation with federated data sharing and the FEDeRATED semantic model need  more attention.

The practical knowledge acquired by the FEDeRATED partners through their LivingLabs is important to be communicated to a wide audience. Especially, because an increasing number of organisations have started to embrace the idea of data sharing as a policy goal, while lacking structurally acquired knowledge and experience. FEDeRATED can play an important role in preventing many organisations to reinvent the wheel.   Preferably, data sharing solutions should  neither be based on the promotion of propriety data spaces solutions, nor  the idea that supply chain bottlenecks can be solved through developing new standards. In data sharing for logistics, a one size fits all perspective is not the road to take.

Photo: The 18 FEDeRATED partner representatives united around the pink FEDeRATED banner on 19 October (hereunder)

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)