Workshop Living Labs on Semantics and Architecture 23022021

On 23 February 2021, FEDeRATED organisaed a 2 hour workshop containing 3 presentations regarding:

  1. What is federated?    Availablerecorded version : (Henk Mulder)
  2. How to do semantics? Available recorded version : (Henk Mulder)
  3. Explaining some elements of building. Available recorded version : (Mitchell Out)

Major features:

  • Be ready to adapt data structures and make them available to others.
  • To find a way to interconnect faster - speed up the process.

 The  21 FEDeRATED LIvingLabs/Pilots are available through this link. A report that further elaborates on specific features is  available here 

FEDeRATED Milestone 4 cover picture

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"End-to-end supply chains typically involve several modes of transport and a wide range of stakeholders. Cooperation and adoption of international standards are the building blocks that will facilitate data visibility for intermodal transportation communications and interoperability between the stakeholder platforms." Discover how this will help facilitate and enhance future international trade. Read more here:

Authors:  Hanane Becha, Todd Frazier, Rudy Hemeleers, Steen Erik Larsen, Bertrand MINARY, Henk Mulder, Andre Simha, and Jaco Voorspuij.

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FEDeRATED delivered its Interim Masterplan containing the various steps towards developing a federated network of platforms. The document is available here.  The Interim Masterplan constitutes the basis for future work, i.e. living labs and additional actions. The Interim Masterplan includes:

  • current business processes;
  • a reference model;
  • 37 leading principles;
  • a semantic model;
  • IT architecture features.

The Interim Masterplan assists the EC in its endeavours towards an EU Digital Single Market and is based on the principles of the EU DTLF subgroup 2 recommendations om data sharing in freight transport logistics.

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FEDeRATED Vision report ready

On 17 December 2019, the FEDeRATED project issued its first official Milestone report: The Vision. It

  • defines the need for developing an innovative information infrastructure provision for allowing connectivity for all operators and public authorities in the supply chain;
  • identifies the key elements for digitalisation in the context of FEDeRATED: interconnectivity, the need for an open structure, technological solutions, possible bottlenecks, lessons learnt, the business process, semantics and the design, organisational and legal issues.

Overall, the FEDeRATED vision can be summarized as: 

To provide for an infrastructure provision containing a set of agreements and technical applications to enable data in existing IT systems (platforms) of companies and public administrations to become available to authorized users through a publish and subscribe approach.

The Vision summarized into one picture:

IMG 0754

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)