Join us at the EU Data Logistics Festival - 30 November 2023 in Brussels

During the Festival, the 15 FEDeRATED project partners will share with you the results of 5 years work promoting real time logistics data sharing in more than 15 countries and engaging more than 200 stakeholders - both from business and public authorities.

  • What works and what does not work in decentralized data based logistics?
  • How should an operational framework to realize seamless multimodal freight transport and logistics look like?

All stakeholders interested in structurally solving the current bottlenecks in data sharing practices are invited to participate in the Event. Actually, insufficient supply chain visibility is a problem for all. Tackling this problem requires us to move into the action zone. We need a both-feet-on-the-ground approach. The FEDeRATED call is to enhance EU operational brainpower in data based logistics, both for business and public authorities.

 Admission is free

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  • The EU policy framework - Sustainable and Smart transport, EU Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF), EU Data strategy, eFTI, EU Mobility Data Spaces
  • The why and how to develop and implement an operational data sharing framework
  • Making federated data sharing work - coping with bottlenecks
  • Collaborative innovation - smart logistics and seamless multimodal freight transport
  • Organisational interoperability - Stakeholder engagement
  • Semantic interoperability - FEDeRATED has developed a revolutionary approach 
  • Green emission monitoring and data sharing
  • The digital mindset and digital readiness  - it's not only about data
  • Practical examples and lessons learnt (IATA, Italy, Finland, Netherlands Spain, Sweden)
  • LivingLab demos (FEDeRATED has executed 23 LivingLabs)
  • Concrete impacts - results
  • Maritime logistics, Single Wndow development and National Access Points
  • Technical interoperability - a FEDeRATED node prototype connecting various LivingLabs 
  • Road transport, data sharing, eFTI/eCMR:   B2B - A2B
  • Legal interoperability - A legal proposal for a crossbordering supply chain visibility framework
  • How to Implementation Guide
  • Various other EU projects and solutions..

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Tentative  Programme (September)

Final Event Agenda September 2023

Let's get together on 30 November in Brussels, Stanhope hotel, 9 rue du commerce.

FOR YOUR QUESTIONS - and possible contributions to the Event - please connect This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)