F&L Northern Adriatic

From November 21, 2023 20:13 until November 22, 2023 22:13
At Triest
Posted by Roeland van Bockel
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During the conference, in the afternoon a workshop organized by FEDeRATED will take place. The panelists, moderated by Guido Piccoli  are:

1.  Marcelo Café Marcal - Purchasing Logistics Director – BA Europe Electrolux
 2.  Cordula Hansen Ineos, Head Supply Chain Execution
 3.  Luca Rostagni - Head of Group Logistics at PITTINI
 4.  Giovanni Bosco - European Sourcing Manager for Logistics and Packagng
5. Serge Schamschula - Head of Ecosystem at Transporeon
6. Anton Barr - VP Market Data at Freightos
7. Valentina Boschian - Digitalization of port processes and PCS @ Port Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea
8 François d’Ivernois - AVP Business Development Europe @ Blume Global - WiseTech Global Group
9.  Alperto Pasino Zunarelli legal firms
10. Roeland van Bockel, FEDeRATED coördinator.

This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)