14th Consortium Board meeting

From March 24, 2023 09:30 until March 24, 2023 12:30
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 The following draft agenda is proposed:

  1. ​Opening and approval Agenda
  2. Approval Milestone 11 (Consultation Panel 2022) – the draft final report is attached – please read it (there is a lot of interesting information presented) and especially please check the template in the Executive Summary - pages 5 and 6). It should be okay for your country or organisation.
  3. Planning 2023 – a generic planning document (including various links) is attached. This planning document will serve the discussions regarding the following agenda items 4, - 8.
  4. Activity 2 - Content and Progress Validated MasterPlan  (Milestone 14)
  5. Activity 3, more in specific  
      1. LivingLab Projectbook (scope, testing, technical settting, stakeholder involvement, tangible results -  this Projectbook aims to assist the development of Milestones 12 and 14
      2. 5th Workshop LL 30 May - 1 June Verona – the agenda under development/ the registration is ongoing – and
      3. 6th Workshop in October (location unknown yet, who valunteers)
      4. LL Demos in Final Event (to be discussed in Agenda item 6.2.)
  6. Activity 4 – more in specific
      1. Participation partners in Events – in the planning note some Events are mentioned where FEDeRATED partners will participate. It would be important to identify what FEDeRATED messages we want to bring, especially at the Munich Logistics Fair where we might have two timeslots being available to us 10 and 11 May
      2. Final Event 30 November 2023 (Milestone 15) – a discussion note is attached (we need some decisions)
  7. Activity 5 – more in specific:
    1. Financial issues (ASR 2023) – a document has been attached, also addressing the issue of IFS and pre finance payments
    2. Peer Review Group (Milestone 13) and collaboration with EU DTLF
  8. The future:
    1. Developments towards FEDeRATED 2 – attached a note developed by MIENW
    2. Relation with EC policy developments - DTLF / Data Spaces / other projects
    3. Governance current FEDeRATED results
  9. Any other business
  10. Closing

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)