EU Data Logistics Festival - 30 November 2023 in Brussels - FEDeRATED Final Event

230 persons have registered for this Event. The registration is closed. During the Festival, the 15 FEDeRATED project partners will share with you the results of 5 years work promoting real time logistics data sharing in more than 15 countries and engaging more than 200 stakeholders - both from business and public authorities.

  • What works and what does not work in decentralized data based logistics?
  • How should an operational framework to realize seamless multimodal freight transport and logistics look like?

Representatives of a great variety of stakeholders interested in structurally solving the current bottlenecks in data sharing practices will participate in the Event. Actually, insufficient supply chain visibility is a problem for all. Tackling this problem requires us to move into the action zone. We need a both-feet-on-the-ground approach. The FEDeRATED call is to enhance EU operational brainpower in data based logistics, both for business and public authorities.

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  • The EU policy framework - Sustainable and Smart transport, EU Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF), EU Data strategy, eFTI, EU Mobility Data Spaces
  • The why and how to develop and implement an operational data sharing framework
  • Making federated data sharing work - coping with bottlenecks
  • Collaborative innovation - smart logistics and seamless multimodal freight transport
  • Organisational interoperability - Stakeholder engagement
  • Semantic interoperability - FEDeRATED has developed a revolutionary approach 
  • Green emission monitoring and data sharing
  • The digital mindset and digital readiness  - it's not only about data
  • Practical examples and lessons learnt (IATA, Italy, Finland, Netherlands Spain, Sweden)
  • LivingLab demos (FEDeRATED has executed 23 LivingLabs)
  • Concrete impacts - results
  • Maritime logistics, Single Wndow development and National Access Points
  • Technical interoperability - a FEDeRATED node prototype connecting various LivingLabs 
  • Road transport, data sharing, eFTI/eCMR:   B2B - A2B
  • Legal interoperability - A legal proposal for a crossbordering supply chain visibility framework
  • How to Implementation Guide
  • Various other EU projects and solutions..


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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)