Governance - proposal for a EU federated network of platforms operational framework

In 2019, the EU DTLF requested the EU CEF FEDeRATED project to develop a validated Masterplan to enable the execution of federated network of platforms approach. Based on a Vision, 4 years study and consultations on various IT aspects and hand-on experiences gained iin many LivingLabs, some 150 parties were involved. 

now, 2023, FEDeRATED  proposes an operational framework. This framework should serve as a basis for follow-up actions to tailormade implementation of the federated network of platforms approach in multimodal freight transport and logistics business cases. The value is clear: supply chain visibility, optimized asset and infrastructure utilization, greener transport operations  and the potential for new serves and earning capacity.

In the EU policy context, the DTLF federated network of platform approach fits into the EU Data policy, including its policy of EU (Modility) Data Spaces, which is currently under development. The current EU Data Mobility Data Space Vision  is illustrated hereunder.

EU Mobility data Spaces

This EU Mobility Dta Space Vision (which also covers transport of persons)  identifies various already developed data spaces. Ideally, these Data Spaces should be interoperable. The  EU Mobility Data Space vision identifies the various elements of a required operational framework i.e,  - the building blocks for interoperability and data sovereignty; - interlinkage of the various layers, especially metadata and discoverabily and standards for data qulity; -  and levels of services and accessibility. These (green colored) features are incorporated in the FEDeRATED functional requirements and technical specifications . Combined, they constitute  the operational framework for seamless and trustworthy data based logistcs .

The goal of the FEDeRATED operational framework is to enable  all stakeholders to seamlessly exchange data - either as holder or user - in an interopeble grid of nodes (to act in the orange area)based on compliance with

  • the FEDeRATED  techical specifications (semantic, IAA, Service Registry and Index)
  • a set of arrangements (protocol stack) . The protocol stack need to be finetuned,  thereby also taking the EU CEF FENIX project results on board.

protocol stack interoperability

Preferably, this operational framework serves as a guidance layer towards the realtime execute steps towards  federated multimodal data sharing. Thereto, the EC ant the EU Member States should put  a change management system in place, or rather be called a governance structure.  The aim is to finetune the operational framework - especially the protocol stack - as well as updating the various technical specifications. Thos two layers governance structure consists of:

  • an overaching EU governance - chaired by the EC in consultation with the vbarious EU Meber States and compnay represnetatives
  • a national governance, to solve specific issues and implementing  the protocol stack .

The two layers should develop in an interconnected way.

The FEDeRATED Action proposes to further align the work of DTLF, especailly subgroup 2,  and the EU Mobility Data Spaces initiative. An operational framework should be agreed, preferably as proposed by FEDeRATED. This would set the pace for executive actions towards seamless and trustworthly data sharing. Possibly additional legis;ation of the EU is required to guarantee the EU long term commitment to foster federated data sharing in the EU.

Hereunder is illustrated, the FEDeRATED thinking on how the structural design of a common future could evolve. New projects should preferably take place in the executive and implementation circles. After many years, the EU policy context is clear, the operational framework is ready. The next step is to validate, execute and constantly finetune and update the operational framework: 

FEDeRATED future framework

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)