The FEDeRATED organisation consists of a various groups.

The Consortium Board.  
All beneficiaries are represented in the Consortium Board which acts as the supervising body of the Action. The Consortium Board monitors and analysis the progress of the Action, including of the milestone reports. The Consortium also selects the members of the IT Architecture Board. Representatives of DG MOVE and INEA will be invited to participate in the Consortium Meetings. The partners and their contact points are:

  • Traficom - Noora Lähne
  • Vediafi - Matti Lankinen
  • Ahola - Mika Sirvisto
  • SMA - Mikael Renz
  • STA - Jan Bergstrand
  • Puertos del Estado - Jaime Luezas Alvarado
  • Fomento - Rosa María Izquierdo López
  • ADIF - Javier Garcia Fortea
  • Codognotto - Andrea Condotta
  • Zailog sacro - Paolo Lunardi
  • Grimaldi - Cosimo Cervicato
  • Terminal San Giorgio - S. Ciambelloti
  • 51Biz - Rudy Hemeleers
  • IATA - Henk Mulder
  • NL Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement - Roeland van Bockel

The Project Board
The Project Board is responsible for the overall direction of the Project. The Project Board will assess and verify the technical execution of the Action, assist the project coordinator in periodically reporting at the Consortium Board, e.g. as regards the achievement of milestones, action status reports and financial statements, and analyse the progress of the Project in relation to other complementary or similar ongoing EU projects or initiatives and provide guidelines on the content of the deliverables as well as recommendations on future cooperation with these projects. The Project Board consists of the Coordinator and Activity Leaders. Representatives of DG MOVE and INEA will be invited to participate in the Project Board. 
The members - the Activity Leaders being responsible for coordinating the execution of the works of the related Activities - are:

  1. Traficom - Noora Lähne
  2. Puertos del Estado - Jaime Luezas Alvaro
  3. SMA - Mikael Renz
  4. Codognotto - Andrea Condotta
  5. NL Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement - Roeland van Bockel

The project coordination group.
Responsible for the daily operations of the FEDeRATED project. The Coordinator, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management, is the single point of contact between the European Commission and the Consortium and responsible for the overall project management. The Coordinator will prepare all work for the Consortium Meeting and the Project Board and will be in direct contact with all beneficiaries and participating countries. . The Coordinator will also organise the work of an IT Architecture Board and  of the Peer Review team. The members of the project coordination team are:

  • Coordinator - Roeland van Bockel
  • COO - Dominic Jarvis
  • CFO - Zdravko Alaber
  • CIO - Wout Hofman 

Roeland cartoon

The IT Architecture Board 
Major task is to assist FEDeRATED in its work on IT Architecture issues. The IT Architecture Board consists of 6 IT experts, employed or contracted by the beneficiaries who will assist Activity leaders in their work. The required expertise of the Architecture Board allows to validate and guide the Action performance based on state-of-the-art development on data sharing practices in logistics and relevant technological developments. The Board will serve as a sounding panel assisting the Activity leaders in their work. The IT Architecture Board will also relate to the work of the DTLF. They will meet based on the request of the Activity leaders and the coordinator.
The members are:

  • Mitchell Out (Dutch Customs)
  • Matteo Spagnola (Codognotto)
  • Almir Zerem (RISE)
  • Avelino Rodríguez Lozano (ADIF)
  • Mikael Renz/Per Löfbom (SMA)
  • Miko Nordström (Vediafi)

The Peer Review Group -
The Peer Review Group will consist of 3-5 external advisers that will validate the Milestone reports of the Activities 2 and 3. The experts will be selected by the Coordinator and approved by the Consortium Board based on the IT knowledge and experience criteria. The Peer Review Group Milestone reports will be written and published without validation by the FEDeRATED beneficiaries.Consisting of independent experts to review the work of FEDeRATED. There are vacancies. We are looking for members. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
One candidate member so far: Cristina Martin (ES) ATML

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)